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by Sovereign Masters

/ˈjēnyəs/ noun: exceptional creative power or other natural ability. 

Imagine always being Sovereign in your mental world ...being a divine orchestra conductor and the delighted spectator at the same time. Imagine the ability to quickly compose marvellous solutions to the challenges of your life and at the same time revel in the enjoyment of their unfolding.

That’s Genius.

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“A man sooner or later discovers that he is the master-gardener of his soul, the director of his life.” ― James Allen


Great news!

You are naturally a Genius.

  • You understand what you need to understand, and you can conjure imaginative ideas and possibilities.

  • You learn through wonder and awe, and you process knowledge quickly and purposefully.

  • You know exactly what to do, and you do it with ease and excellence.

  • You know who you are and how you serve.


You know this state. You have often accessed it in your “Genius Zone”...

Your “Genius state” is a natural part of you. You don't have to be someone else study for decades to find it. All it takes is a method and framework for accessing it.

Your see, it's more of a matter of your awareness either being near it, or not.




It is a particular set of coordinates of natural talent, trained skill, circumstance and subject of attention. In this zone it’s very easy for you to access that Genius state of being.


  • For one person, it’s sitting at the computer with a cup of coffee and a cool strategy to design.

  • Another may find it speaking on stage about their personal journey of empowerment. 

  • Another enters Genius zone when she’s speaking to the flowers in her garden. 


The thing is, we're not always in our Genius Zone. Life is unpredictable. Sometimes we find ourselves galaxies from any semblance of zone, genius or comfort or otherwise. And the more self-aware we are, the more we know what it isn't, and we simply can't fake it anymore.

The moment we step away from our point of awesome, we are at danger of submitting our sovereignty of mind. The result is mental anguish:


...Calm becomes chaos. 

...Celebration becomes second-guessing.

...Meditation becomes anxious rumination. 

...Wonder and gratitude becomes worry and analysis. 

...Allowing becomes resistance, and clarity becomes confusion... 

...and any success in your life feels hollow.

This shift, from total genius to absolute wreck, can happen to anyone, at any time, no matter where you are in your enlightenment, because we are so easily triggered into illusion and un-belonging when we step out of our Genius zone. 

That’s when you need the Mastery discipline of GENIUS: A simple, but brilliant methodical way of understanding your Thinking and organizing your thoughts. 

The mastery of Genius is the craft of bringing yourself into Genius State, no matter where you are in relation to “the zone”.

Insight. Progress. Flow.

Master the Art of Brilliant Being with our one-day immersion in the metaphysics of maintaining Genius State.

With Elizabeth A Wilson

& Sylvia Swann

This training is particularly

suited for leaders and

visionaries, creatives and



1 follow-up session

3 weeks email support




No more rumination or mindless escape!

We know... it's terrifying.


My name is Elizabeth A Wilson, and I’m a thought leader in the field of Vibrational Ontology and an elite mastery teacher for embodied Enlightenment.

When I was in college my boyfriend and I took the Cattell standard IQ test with Mensa.  I scored 142. He scored 113. He had already positioned me as a competitor in his life and this was the final straw. He dumped me shortly afterwards (on my birthday, by giving me a gift coupon for a hot air balloon ride for one!).


That score of 142 haunted me. It created a symbol of my lifelong loneliness. The score requirement for being a Mensa member is 148, which meant I was too weird to be understood by most, but not weird enough to qualify for permission from an "on the spectrum"-diagnosis. Too [insert x] to play with the mainstream kids in the playground, but not [insert x] enough to play with the super cool kids in their [insert x] club. 


Eons later, during my early years of enlightenment, I found the Indigo Child theory which shed light on why so many in our generation feel like this. But the "damage" was done.


This awkward social placing had wreaked havoc on my mental space, my identity and the way I process and think about everything. I would easily get trapped in mental rumination, cycles of questioning, over-analysis, and second-guessing my every move. Why am I like this and where does my way of being belong?

One does not have to have a high IQ score to feel this way. This goes for every one of us who have ever tried to 'fit in'. 


The social implications of being 'special', in any kind of way, makes us distrust and disown our own thoughts, rendering us unable to think for ourselves.

This is why I created GENIUS. I needed a universe of understanding that made everything make sense. This training will give you a framework for understanding how your mind works and help you put it to use in the most effective way possible, so that you can spend your time doing what you came here to do.

The next group training is April 30th ($350). You may upgrade to Concierge for a private, bespoke 5-session Experience with me ($3000).

Meet the Master Ontologist, creator of

the field of Vibrational Ontology and
 Sovereign: A Way of Enlightement 

Master the art of brilliant Being

- based on our $3000 Private Coaching Experience

One-Day Intensive Workshop

/ April 30th

"Until we are free to think for ourselves,

our dreams are not free to unfold."


- Nancy Kline

Attendance fee $350

Join us for a life changing One-Day intensive that will shift the way you think, live and think about thinking - forever.

Upgrade to Concierge? 
Email us about the 5-week private experience:

sylvia @ sovereignmasters.com



6 hour immersive exploration (with breaks!) based on our $3000 private coaching course GENIUS:


Turn your thinking from chaotic to creative with immersive experiences of structured thought experiments, meditative contemplation and simple metacognition techniques. 

Get clear directions to help you form a perfect mental framework to support your most beneficial thinking. 

Learn the mindfulness methods of four great Christian mystic thinkers for clarity and peace of mind like never before.

Preparatory work - to help you dive deep 

+ 3 weeks of aftercare AND 1 follow-up session

+ The Genius Workbook - that will help you nurture, practice and embody your new Genius mastery going forward into greater Sovereignty.

Upgrade to Concierge to get a private, 5-session immersion with Elizabeth - contact sylvia @ sovereignmasters.com


FOR TEAMS: Group Training Tuition from $150

Elizabeth A Wilson

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Jeffrey Guernsey, US Navy (ret)

I took this course in January 2019 and it changed everything about how I use my mind. I was able to easily understand the material, shape my thinking, and set my life in a new direction. I hope to one day help someone the way Elizabeth has helped me. 

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Tina Barnes, UK

GENIUS was brimming with those delicious ‘Ah ha’ moments. My mind is now faster, clearer, quieter and more malleable. I proudly wear the badge of ‘Genius’ with the ability to understand what I need to know in the moment and a deeper knowledge that changing the mind to change the brain to change the mind can be achieved initially by a simple shift in perspective. This has become a well practiced game I play through each day to make my experiences more abundant and beautiful. 

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Elizabeth A Wilson

Elizabeth is a speaker, Spiritual director and author of two novels, co-written with multiple New York times bestseller Scott Ciencin. She is the creator of Sovereign: A Way of Enlightenment and the co-founder of the branch of Vibrational Ontology.


Sylvia R Swann

Sylvia is a former Television Director turned Creative Director and Expansion Coach for SovereignMasters.com. She is the co-founder of the branch of Vibrational Ontology and specializes in energetic discernment.



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